Writing in KS2 - Can you meet the expected standard?

Date: 7th May 2018 @ 5:16pm

After having an extremely busy weekend visiting family and friends, I sat down to do my school work in the lovely bank holiday sun and began to think aboout writing. More specifically, handwriting. 

I will be the first to admit, my hadnwriting isn't perfect (especially after marking 30 English books) but I do try and use the school's handwriting policy in school (and my every day life). However, it has to be said, I think writing is tricky and I started looking at the KS2 expectations. sadcrying

At the end of KS2, the children have to achieve the following expectation

• Maintain legibility in joined handwriting when writing at speed. - See example

So I began to think, what ways could we improve our ability to write at speed whilst maintaining legible, joined handwriting.

Dough Disco - Not for the faint hearted. Using 'Playdoh,' squeeze, poke, roll the playdoh between your fingers. This is a great activity to do before any writing. It is also great fun!

Have a look at the video link to see what I mean!



Activity: Look at the example writing and see if you can make your writing even better!

You could post your examples on here!