At Mount Pleasant the school curriculum follows the National Curriculum and is designed to offer our children a balanced, rich and engaging curriculum, accessible to all children. The curriculum is personalised to meet the needs of our children; developing them academically, personally and socially.  Social, moral, spiritual and cultural (SMSC) permeates throughout the curriculum encouraging children to reflect and celebrate the diverse society we live in thus ensuring that British Values is high on the school agenda.  Children are encouraged and supported to be confident, independent and lifelong learners developing a thirst for learning.


We teach English using Literacy Pathways which promotes a real love for reading through inviting children to engage with a wide range of stimulating stories such as Toys in Space, Hidden Figures and Street Child to name just a few. Our ultimate aim in English is that all children leave school speaking, reading and writing fluently and articulately and to be able to confidently express their views both orally and in writing.


For Mathematics our ultimate aim is for all children to leave school able to manipulate number and use all four operations both mentally and in written competently and confidently.  We believe that all children should be provided with opportunities to reason in maths, make links and apply their knowledge and understanding through problem solving investigative activities.

Religious Education

For RE the school follows the Kirklees Agreed Syllabus (Believing and Belonging) teaching children about the five world faiths of Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism.


In the Foundation Stage we follow the EYFS curriculum, encouraging the children to be active and independent learners. We firmly believe in providing our children with a range of real life experiences through educational visits and visitors in school, focused child as well as adult led activities, along with a carefully planned and well resourced continuous provision to ensure that our children develop the essential skills needed to build a firm foundation for their future learning. 


We follow the DfE approved Little Wandle (revised Letters and Sounds) programme for phonics in EYFS and Year 1.

Please follow the links below to access the National Curriculum, EYFS Curriculum and the Kirklees Agreed Syllabus

Enrichment through curriculum experiences, visits, visitors and after school clubs

We use every opportunity to enhance our children’s experiential learning and develop their practical experiences.  We try to ensure children have access to a range of visits, visitors in school as well as access to a range of enrichment activities.  We firmly believe that our children need these experiences to develop their speaking, listening as well as their writing skills.



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