Mount Pleasant Primary School understands its responsibilities for preparing children for their next stage of education and provide opportunities, responsibilities and experiences for later life. This ensures that when children leave our school, they have the foundations to take their place in British society and the wider world.

In a short amount of time, technology and the use of technology has rapidly increased. Therefore, it is even more important that children become computer literate in preparation for leaving primary school. And further, that children understand the dangers posed by using technology, so they have a secure understanding of how to remain safe online.

Technology is a significant part of everyday life and the Covid pandemic has highlighted the importance of ensuring children are able to use computers, iPads and devices effectively. By ensuring children are effectively able to use technology and a wide range of devices, we are able to continue with everyday life: teaching, meetings, etc can still go ahead.

Through introducing the new DFE approved NCCE planning, we have been able to ensure the children have the key skills and foundational knowledge. The planning does not always require the use of an actual device and this means that children can develop their computational thinking and understand how computers work. The children are regularly introduced to new vocabulary, which is built upon during their time in school. The NCCE planning allows us to focus on computational thinking and creativity. Within this there are opportunities for creative work in programming and digital media. The three main aspects of our computing curriculum are: Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy.


At Mount Pleasant Primary School, Computing is taught through discrete lessons from the NCCE. The key aim is for the skills to be taught well. Computing from the NCCE ensures that staff can teach the Computing curriculum fully, ensuring progression and opportunities to link with prior learning and retrieval practise. The plans from the NCCE define what we will teach and ensure we balance the work appropriately across each half term. This planning also provides links to previous learning in prior year groups to support retrieval practise.

The teachers are provided with a long-term plan, which shares the strand of Computing (Computing systems and networks, creating media, Data and information, followed by 2 programming topics.) These are then broken down into 6 sequential lessons, which are planned and resourced for the teacher to adapt, for use in their class. Teachers use the plans to support their subject knowledge and they are able to differentiate for SEND/More able children.


During each lesson, the teacher is able to assess the children’s ability against the Learning Intentions for the lesson and provide immediate support for children when needed, so as many children as possible can achieve the Intention.

Enrichment Activities

Each year, we take part in the Safer Internet Day to promote online safety. This takes place across EYFS, KS1 and KS2.

Due to Covid, children have not been able to carry out activities, which would usually be done at lunch time or after school.

Previous enrichment activities have included:

  • Digital leaders (2 children from each class in KS2) These children were taught how to use the technology safely and promoted the use of technology. (iPads, Chromebooks, Code Bugs, Blue/Bee Bots)
  • Year 2 BeeBot Club

Pupil Voice

Most children enjoy computing. From the pupil voice survey, children were asked what they would improve and nearly all the children said they would like to have computing more often and for longer.

All children have been taught about E-Safety and know what to do if they feel unsafe online. However, password security was something children felt less confident about.

Children have been taught E-Safety, editing and processing. With the lockdowns, it was only possible for a few children to access the programming units but Year 5 children really enjoyed using the crumble kits.

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