Year 3 2023 - 2024

Welcome to Year 3

In Year 3, childrren start the Key Stage 2 Curriculum, which includes consolidating from Year 2 and progressing onto new concepts.

In English, children become better readers and writers. There is a great focus on spellings in which children will learn different spelling rules to gain further confidence in their writing. They are also encouraged to use cursive handwriting remembering their 'lead ins' and 'lead outs'.

Reading lessons follow Reciprocal Reading principles. It allows opportunities for children to read books, make predictions giving reasons, ask questions, summarise, explain why particular vocabulary has been used by the author and retell the story in their own words using key vocabulary.

In Maths, concepts will be divided into different terms and children will build on their mathematical knowledge as the year advances. Throughout the year pupils will consolidate number by identifying the value of digits. They will improve their skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division through applying their learning to real life problems.

In Science children are encouraged to work scientifically through researching, investigating and evaluating experiences. For example, in year 3, observing different types of rocks and investigating their properties. They will also have fun learning about light and measuring their shadows in the playground. As well as other exciting investigations.

Some Year 3 Events

Gardening - During our ongoing 'Grow to Learn' garden project, classes took part in a variety of activities. This included removing weeds from the raised beds, classifying different types of leaves and preparing soil to be ready for planting new trees.


Homework / PE days

Children are given spellings on a weekly basis. Children are encouraged to participate in Times Tables Rockstars and Oxford Reading Buddy, on their devices at home, to use screen time productively.

Year 3 PE is taught twice a week, one indoor and one outdoor session. On theri PE day, they must come to school wearing a white top and black bottoms with theri school jumper/cardigan.


Home Reading

It is vital that book bags are brought to and from school every day.  We ask that you read with your child for ten to fifteen minutes each evening.


School Visits and Special Events

Included in each half term is a memorable experience to engage chlidren with their upcoming topic and capture their enthusiasm for learning.

Autumn 1 Stone Age/Iron Age Day
Autumn 2 Manor Health Botanical gardens
Spring 1 Healthy Eating - Visit to Sainsburys
Spring 2 Local Park Visit
Summer 1 Bagshaw Museum (Ancient Egyptians)
Summer 2 Coal Mining Museum

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