Reception 2021 - 2022

Welcome to Reception.

Reception completes children's education in Early Years and builds upon the key essential learning and experiences children developed in Nursery. We aim to provide all children with a happy start with a rich and stimulating learning environment.  Achievements are fully celebrated as we aim to raise self esteem of all children, whatever their interests and abilities.

In Reception together we discover, explore, laugh, get messy and have lots of fun.  We encourage independence and develop a willingness to 'have a go' in all our children.

We are very keen to work closely with all our parents to ensure that our children reach their full potential.  Children enjoy sharing new learning with their families and this helps them with understanding new concepts and information. We share the 50 things to do before you are 5 from Kirklees wiht families. 50 Things to Do Before You're Five in Kirklees


Information for Parents

During your child’s time in early years there will be a big focus on learning through indoor and outdoor play. Children learn best when they are active, engaged and exploring.

You can help your child at home by:

  • Helping them to learn how to dress themselves.
  • Helping them to learn how to feed themselves.
  • Sharing stories and discussing the events and pictures.
  • Reminding them to bring their book bag with them every day.
  • Asking your child to write a list before going shopping.
  • Looking at letters and numbers in the environment e.g. door numbers, packaging and on the TV
  • Regular counting e.g. counting the cutlery on the table, how many pieces of fruit in the basket, counting steps etc.



Fairy Tale Day - The children enjoyed looking at and experiencing lots of different activities from familiar fairy tales. The children made porridge like the Three Bears, followed a trail of sweets to the witches' house to free Hansel and Gretel as well as investigating the best resources to help the Three Little Pigs make a safe home away from the Big Bad Wolf.

Busy, Busy Bethlehem - The children worked extremely hard to remember their speaking parts and song lyrics during the Christmas Performance. They made their parents and teachers very proud of them as they told the special story of they very 'first Christmas.' The children took their parts very seriously, from market sellers to angels to shepherds, everyone showed their confidence and understanding of how special this religious event is to many Christian people.

Camping Day - Reception took part in their very own camping day, the children brought their own pyjamas into school, used maps and followed the signs to find the Mount Pleasant Camp site. It was night time when they arrived at the campsite where the children had the chance to investigate and experience a range of activities that you might do on a camping trip. The children started the activities around the campfire to sing some lovely songs whilst playing instruments. They then had a nice cup of hot chocolate with a toasted marshmallow which are traditionally enjoyed around the campfire. In the woods the children could hear lots of different nocturnal animals; they went on a hunt to see what animals are awake during the night. During their hunt they were fortunate enough to observe owls, bats, foxes and hedgehogs. The children used a range of natural materials to create pictures and images of these animals to record their experience. Finally before getting into bed, the children used torches to create shadow puppets, read a bedtime story and stared up into the night sky to see the beautiful twinkling stars. The children learned a lot of new topic words and ideas that they can use in their play and learning as we continue our topic of light and dark.


Quotes from students

"It was dark in the tent we needed a flashlight."

"The chocolate milk was my favourite, it was good."

"My favourite song is line up, it makes me feel happy."

"I made a brick house; the wolf couldn't knock it down. It was a strong house."



In Reception we have PE every Monday. Please make sure that you child has a full PE kit in school on these days.


Water Bottles

Your child is provided with a FREE water bottle. It is their responsibility to take it home and we expect parents to clean the bottle and provide fresh water every day.


Home Reading

It is vital that book bags are brought to and from school every day.  We ask that you read with your child for ten to fifteen minutes each evening.


School visits, trips and special events

During the year we will have visits to lots of interesting places.

Autumn 2 Gruffalo / Christmas Perfomance
Spring 1 Camping Day
Spring 2 Kirklees Light Railway
Summer 1 Mini-Beast Hunt - Caterpillars in School
Summer 2 Beach Day


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