Nursery 2023 - 2024

Welcome to Nursery

We are delighted to welcome you and your child to our Nursery.  We fully believe that Nursery education is essential for your child as this helps them to develop a firm foundation for a successful education.

We are confident that our Nursery curriculum offers children the opportunity to develop their abilities through a variety of learning experiences. We want our children to develop confidence in themselves and acquire skills which will equip them to learn effectively and to establish positive relationships with others.

Nursery education recognises the need for a close working relationship with parents and staff. We hope to strengthen and develop these relationships and work closely with you to ensure we are providing the best for your child.

Highly experienced and qualified staff, stimulate children’s interest and natural curiosity through a range of well planned, interesting, imaginative activities for the children in a stimulating environment both indoors and out.


Nursery opening and close times

Morning Nursery

8:35 - 11:35

Afternoon Nursery

12:20 - 3:20


Visits and Visitors

We are keen to enrich our curriculum as much as possible through visits and visitors and in Nursery our children enjoy events such as festival celebrations, and a trip to Cannon Hall.  We welcome and encourage parents to attend all events, including our Nursery Graduation!


Outdoor Learning

To ensure we have a broad and balanced curriculum the children take part in weekly class outdoor learning sessions. These will help to develop their understanding of the world and give them the opportunity to explore their local environment. Children will go outside in all weathers, so it is important that they have appropriate clothing to support their learning. They will need a suitable waterproof coat with a hood, hat, gloves, scarf and wellies. In the summer children must come to school already wearing sun cream. Children will also have the opportunity to access the woodland playground during our free flow provision time.


Information for Parents

During your child’s time in early years there will be a big focus on learning through indoor and outdoor play. Children learn best when they are active, engaged and exploring.

You can help your child at home by:

  • Helping them to learn how to dress themselves.
  • Helping them to learn how to feed themselves.
  • Encouraging them to try a range of different foods.
  • Sharing stories and discussing the events and pictures.
  • Encouraging your child to help with the shopping and counting the things you need.
  • Looking at letters and numbers in the environment e.g. door numbers, packaging and on the TV.
  • Regular counting e.g. counting the cutlery on the table, how many pieces of fruit in the basket, counting steps etc.
  • Completing the weekly Dojo activities to help embed their learning.
  • Helping your child learn the routine songs.

Days of the week song-

Months of the year song-


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