When children leave Mount Pleasant, they must be prepared for their next stage of education and for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. PSHE lays the foundations, so that children can go on to take their place successfully as healthy, responsible and reflective members of a modern British and global society. Through PSHE, children develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to manage their lives, both now and in the future. PSHE teaches children to manage the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they will face, and equips them with the skills to deal with them.


The PSHE curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • understand similarities and differences between themselves and others and that know that differences should be tolerated, respected and valued.

  • learn to understand and develop healthy relationships, both now and in their future lives.

  • understand how to lead a healthy lifestyle, how to keep themselves safe and where to turn for help if they need it.

  • develop a good understanding of their rights and responsibilities as a member of society.

The school has designed a PSHE curriculum following National Curriculum guidelines. Our curriculum, using the Scarf PSHE scheme, covers the PSHE Association Program of Study content in addition to the DfE 2020 statutory requirements for Relationships Education and Health Education. Covering both the DfE statutory requirements and the PSHE Association’s advisory content together, ensures a comprehensive, spiral curriculum of PSHE.  The curriculum has been designed in consultation with parents and is tailored to reflect the needs of our children. First aid lessons are provided by St John’s Ambulance. The full curriculum can be seen in the PSHE long term plan.


Our approach to PSHE is based on six half-termly themes:

  • Me and my relationships

  • Valuing difference

  • Keeping myself safe

  • Rights and responsibilities

  • Being my best

  • Growing and changing

These 6 themes are explored as a spiral curriculum from Nursery through to Year 6, building on children’s previous knowledge and developing their knowledge and understanding in an age-appropriate way.

Whilst our long-term plan for our PSHE curriculum outlines the topics which will be covered throughout the year in each year group, there exists a flexibility within our curriculum for topics to be covered sooner, should an issue arise within a class or in the media, pertinent to that topic.

Our exciting and engaging PSHE lessons are delivered in a safe and nurturing environment by adults familiar to the children, which allows the children to feel secure and confident to discuss their feelings, thoughts and opinions on a wide range of topics. 

Early Years

With personal, social and emotional development a prime area in Early Years, PSHE is embedded throughout the curriculum in accordance with the 2021 Statutory Early Years Framework and supported by guidance from the 2021 Birth to 5 Matters. Discrete PSHE lessons from the Scarf PSHE scheme are taught and explored further by the children through play in the learning environment.

Discipline & Pedagogy

Effective social and emotional competencies are associated with greater health and wellbeing, and higher achievement in the wider curriculum. Our PSHE curriculum develops resilient, reflective learners who think big, aim high and achieve in all that they do.


Teachers continually monitor the children’s progress and understanding, and adjust their teaching accordingly based on the needs within their class. In addition, the staff at Mount Pleasant pride themselves on the relationships they build with their children, meaning that they are aware of issues arising and can address them as part of PSHE.

Progress & Assessment

Within PSHE, continuous assessment is an integral part of the teaching process. Assessment is used throughout discussions surrounding PSHE topics using appropriate questioning. The assessment of children’s contribution to discussions is on-going to ensure that understanding is being achieved and that progress is being made. Feedback is given to the children as soon as possible and misconceptions addressed immediately.

Systems & Culture

As part of its mission to create well-rounded and high-achieving pupils, Mount Pleasant takes its PSHE curriculum very seriously. In Early Years, PSHE underpins learning and development in all areas. From Year 1, teaching staff ensure that PSHE is given a place in the curriculum, and it is timetabled and taught in a committed way.

Training and support is provided for the subject leader, and for teachers, where necessary.  Enrichment takes place through the celebration of national events such as Anti Bullying Week, e-Safety Week, Healthy Eating Week and World Smile Day.

As the NC document has been adhered to, and as the curriculum has been carefully designed to demonstrate progress, when children move up to High School, they will be equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to progress to the next stage in their education.


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