Vision and Values

Think Big, Aim High & ACHIEVE!


At Mount Pleasant, we ACHIEVE our success by embracing the school’s Core Values of being:

Aspirational Connected Happy Immersed Energised Valued Empowered


Vision Statement

Mount Pleasant’s Vision is to nurture and empower lifelong learners to think big, aim high and be successful in achieving their dreams and aspirations.


School Mission

Mount Pleasant’s Mission is to create a healthy and respectful learning environment where outstanding teaching and learning can flourish in a friendly, inclusive and caring school in which children feel safe and happy. At Mount Pleasant, every child is provided with opportunities to maximise their full learning potential.  This is achieved through a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum delivered through creative approaches and using the latest technologies.


School Aim and Values

Mount Pleasant’s Aims are achieved through staff and parents working together on our core values to ensure that every child achieves success by becoming:

Aspirational We aim to provide children with the very best of role models who inspire and motivate.

Connected We aim to strengthen teamwork and collaboration to connect learners to their peers, their school and their wider community.

Happy We aim to ensure that every child feels happy and safe at school.

ImmersedWe aim to provide a stimulating, learning environment (including digital aspects) which enables children to enjoy and become fully immersed in school life.

EnergisedWe aim to ensure that children are focused, are challenged and energised, from the start to the end of every school day.

Valued We aim to equip all children and the school community with a sense that all individuals are uniquely valuable.

Empowered We aim to produce strong, confident and society-ready children who have a positive outlook on life.