The Holodeck is an immersive multi-sensory environment which enriches the learning experience. The children learn by interacting with every surface; the experience is enhanced through sounds, scents, wind, and different temperatures. The room helps young pupils develop core skills in reading, writing and spoken word. With a huge variety of content and ways to interact, pupils can experience a myriad of lessons presented in an engaging and simulating way as evidenced below.

Below are some quotes taken from children in different year groups who have used the Holodeck.

  • Year 1 – "I like that room because It is bright and colourful. The colours kept changing."
  • Year 3 – "Our Holodeck session was interesting and fun because of the activities. The videos were informative."
  • Year 4 – "This was the first time for me in the Holodeck. I would like to learn more about the Native Americans in topic lessons."
  • Year 6 Holodeck Club – "It’s a unique experience because we haven’t experienced anything like it before – it’s fun!"


Below is feedback from staff on their experience of using the Holodeck.

  • SEN - Children look forward to their time in the Holodeck. It is engaging and loves the splatting interaction.
  • EYFS – Love going up there!
  • Year 1 – The children were engaged and you could see learning was taking place.
  • Year 3 – The Holodeck session was excellent, especially the variety of activities. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and were engaged throughout. There was something for every type of learner and this was considered carefully. There was visual/auditory stimulation, activities which involved children getting up and involved, time for discussion, questions and a writing element. The children were able to learn many new things as well as build on what they already knew. They left with further questions displaying inquisitiveness for the topic of volcanoes and how tectonic plates work. As well as, questions which helped develop areas of their own interest.
  • Year 4 – Really enjoyed the training. Would love additional time to create content (staff training).