Clubs (After School)

We are very fortunate at Mount Pleasant Primary School as the children as exposed to a huge variety of after school clubs. We believe this to be especially important as extra-curricular activities offer huge benefits to a child’s development, for example –

  • Physical after school clubs help to keep the children active, fit and healthy. This can lead to greater concentration within the classroom environment.
  • Team sports encourage important life skills such as working together, whereas competitive sports enable children to build resilience.
  • Clubs which focus on artistic skills allow the children to discover their own patience and persistence whilst developing their self-expression.
  • Engaging with new friends and discovering new skills helps strengthen confidence, independence and enthusiasm.


The clubs on offer are carefully selected for each year group. Below are a few examples of the clubs currently available.

Early Years

In Early Years, the children are invited to a Yoga Club. Here the children develop their fine and gross motor skills which will impact on their writing development as well as their PSED.

Key Stage 1

In key stage 1, we offer many clubs including the very popular baking club. The children learn many skills in this club including weighing out different ingredients and how to hygienically prepare food. Most importantly they get to eat their treats at the end of the session!


Key Stage 2

Some examples of clubs run in key stage 2 are the holodeck club, weaving club and the choir. The children attending the choir will be showcasing their skills later in the year to a large audience with other schools from the Kirklees area.

All the clubs on offer are very popular and for this reason are allocated on a first come, first service basis. If you would like your child to attend, please ensure you give your reply slip back promptly.