Year 4 2021 - 2022

Welcome to Year 4

Year 4 is a key year in building the skills of independence, collaboration and perseverance which will drive the education of children throughout their academic career.

By the end of year, children should be able to read with increasing independence. Comprehension skills are growing more important, developing children’s vocabulary and increasing their depth and knowledge of a range of literature, both fiction and non-fiction.

In addition to this, children’s writing should be increasingly interesting and imaginative, displaying a firm grasp of sentence punctuation and grammar. Children should be able to use appropriate terminology. We work particularly on developing children’s skills as a writer, through reading as a writer, encouraging a wide range of vocabulary and genre appropriate structures. We expect all handwriting to be joined and legible with children able to write with increasing speed. Spelling of common words should be accurate and we expect children to apply their phonic knowledge to spell longer trickier words.

In Maths, by the end of year 4, children should be able to read, write and order numbers beyond 1000, having a firm understanding of place value.  We expect children to know by heart their times tables up to 12 times tables, and the related division facts. Children should be able to use all four calculations to solve problems up to and beyond 4 digit numbers, using formal written methods. They must be able to use and apply their knowledge in other situations. They will apply these skills throughout measures, shape and space concepts.

We are all excited to begin the new academic year with a full, fun-packed curriculum and have organised a range of exciting activities for your child to enjoy.


Some Year 4 Events

Class 4A have been researching why we have Remembrance Day and decided to create a class display to show their respect for all that was involved. We have used see through black material as a metaphor for those that have fallen. The transparency represents ghost-like figures but the silhouette represents those that are still with us. We also wanted to include the animals as they were such a key part during the war.


Homework is given every Friday and consists of Maths, English, basic skills including timetables and spelling homework. This could be an activity set on Seesaw, or a paper copy. Please encourage your child to engage with Times Table Rockstar’s and Oxford Reading Buddy. 


Your child needs to come to school wearing their PE kit, which consists of black tracksuit bottoms or leggings and a white T-shirt. They need to wear their green school jumper and bring a spare jumper to change into for the lesson. Please ensure all clothing is labelled.

Times Table Check

Towards the end of Year 4, chidlren will undertake the statutory Multiplication Check. Throughout the year, children will practise their timetables and we ask that parents support this at home, by encouraging chidlren to use the online application, Times Table Rockstars.

 School Trips and Special Events



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