School Council

(Pictured: School Council's visit to the Huddersfield Town Hall - Download full article below)

Who are we and what do we do?

At Mount Pleasant, the School Council plays an important role in making decisions on various issues which have a direct impact on the children. We have a say in how the school is run by discussing decisions being made by the Senior Leadership Team, suggesting ideas and taking the lead on new initiatives which we believe will make positive changes to the pupils of our school. Ultimately, we are here to ensure that all children have a voice and are able to say what they think.

The Council is made up of 12 students, who are elected from Years 3 to 6. We meet around 2 or 3 times every half term with Miss Brown to discuss issues or ideas that are important to us; sometimes the teachers even ask us for help!

As well as having meetings, we also talk to the other children in our classes so their needs can be discussed or passed on to the Head teacher. We keep written notes of conversations we have with pupils in our special log books, and there are also School Council suggestion boxes in all of the shared areas. This enables the pupils to voice their opinions when we are unavailable.

Every so often Mrs Nazir, the Head Teacher, comes to our meetings and tells us what has been done about the things we have requested. This is important because it assures us that we are making a real difference to our school.


Fundraising Efforts

The School Council work extremely hard with their fundraising efforts both for charities and for rewards for our children. During their latest fund raising events they managed to raise enough money to purchase a Play-Station 4. This prize was revealed during one of our Celebration Assemblies and all the children were extremely excited to have such a wonderful prize. Miss Brown has started to run lunch time clubs which allows children who have been chosen in the Golden Book to play along with their friends along with their friends on the Play-Station. Additionally, the School Council made a tremendous effort this year for Red Nose Day, helping the school to raise over £1000 with their Pie A Teacher fundraiser!

What are we aiming to achieve?

At the moment we are looking into fundraising ideas.  We will take charge of letters home regarding the event and the collection and counting of the money. 


Quotes from the school councillors

“I like school council because I think we are making a change and improving our school.”

“I like school council because you get to share ideas with other people.”

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