This year the Charanga scheme of work has been implemented. All teachers have had training in using Charanga, and as they grow in confidence with delivering Charanga music lessons; this should mean that children get a much more consistent, systematic music education in the core areas of singing, listening, composing, and performing. Whole Class Ensemble Tuition is also a key part of our music curriculum, with children in years 2 to 5 receiving a term’s teaching from experienced Musica Kirklees tutors.

An exciting part of the year has been the recording and filming of our new school anthem ‘Think Big, Aim High’, working with Danny from Class Dynamix. The project began during the spring lockdown, with online song-writing workshops with small groups of children. Once the song was written children had the opportunity to join a choir to record the song with a professional sound engineer, and finally children were filmed for the accompanying music video. It has been an important project for the school community, as great effort has been made to ensure that all children in school have been involved and encouraged to take ownership of the song. The finished video and recording will be a valuable resource for the school in the future which demonstrates the school’s passion for music and creativity, as well as being a positive memory for all the children after they leave Mount Pleasant.

SMSC, Diversity and Cultural Capital

Music is at the heart of what it means to be human – it is a creative part of life which is central to history and culture and is key in broadening our view of the world. Our aim in the music education we provide our children is to aid them in enjoying, understanding, and creating music in their own lives.  


Music is taught weekly in all year groups. Charanga is used for most terms and is designed to be easy for non-music specialists to deliver. Lesson content is relatively repetitive which helps to embed the core musical ideas of pulse, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, tempo, timbre, structure, texture and notation. Each half term these ideas are taught through a different genre of music so that as they move up the school children’s knowledge of a wide range of musical styles increases, including western classical music, popular music and traditional music from around the world.

In Year 2 children receive one term of chime-bar tuition instead of Charanga, from a specialist Musica Kirklees tutor. Years 3, 4 and 5 each receive one term of violin tuition instead of Charanga. As well as for many children being their first experience with a musical instrument, these lessons also teach children about reading standard musical notation.


In class, teachers themselves monitor the progress of individual children. Charanga gives the opportunity to raise or lower the difficulty of the various musical activities through its ‘Bronze, Silver and Gold’ levels.

Teachers can also liaise with the Kirklees Musica tutors to identify particularly gifted instrumentalists and one area for development is for these children to be encouraged to continue instrument tuition outside school, if possible.

Enrichment Activities

  • Class Dynamix project
  • Year 6 Production
  • School Choir

Pupil Voice

“I thought I could never do it (play an instrument) but at the end I did.”

“Whenever I get in an argument or when I’m not feeling, like, feeling down music is the only thing that makes me get up and just dance and sing the song.”

“(Violins) was fun, it was really fun learning new songs to play on the violin.”

“I used to hate rock music but when we listen to some type of rock music I think I like it more.”

“I got better at dancing with Danny. Think big aim high!”

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