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Some extracts from what Ofsted inspectors had to say (October 2022)

Everyone feels welcome at Mount Pleasant Primary School. Leaders, including 
governors, have worked relentlessly to create an inclusive culture.

‘Happy’ is a word frequently used by parents and children alike. Pupils are very well 
behaved and respectful to one another in class.

Pupils have an exceptional understanding of different religions.

Leaders are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what they want pupils to learn. 
Subject leaders identify the key knowledge that pupils need to know by the time 
they leave primary school. They have created an ambitious curriculum that starts in 
the early years to reflect this.

Leaders prioritise reading from the moment children start school. This results in pupils 
reading with accuracy and fluency. 

Children in the early years get off to a great start. Children quickly develop strong and
respectful relationships with their friends and adults

Strong relationships exist between pupils and staff. Pupils engage with their lessons.


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