At Mount Pleasant we instil a love for reading. We want children to appreciate our rich and varied literature heritage and to develop a habit of reading widely and often so that they become lifelong readers.

We want our children to have a secure basis in English as we fully appreciate how the skills learnt in this subject are vital in them accessing and achieving in the wider education and participating fully as successful members of society.

We have a rigorous and well organised English curriculum that provides many purposeful opportunities for reading, writing and discussion. We use texts recommended by Power of Reading and Pathways to Write which also link to our topic so that cross curricular learning can take place.


In addition to daily English lessons, children excel in early reading through daily phonic sessions from reception to year 2. As well as daily phonic sessions, we have guided reading sessions where a wide variety of quality texts and resources is used to motivate and inspire our children.  (see Phonics page)

Whole Class Reading

Reciprocal Reading- this is a whole class teaching of reading where children fully engage with texts using the skills of clarifying, predicting, questioning and summarising. Children are exposed to high quality and meaningful texts across the school.

Story Time

Love of reading is promoted extensively through a number of ways especially at story time, which is a calm and relaxing end to each day. We have carefully selected stories and poems which build upon literature from English lessons and widen children’s exposure even further. See the attached document of story time books across the school.


We have invested heavily in two Libraries in the school; this was a deliberate decision to promote love of reading throughout the school. The EYFS-KS1 Library is furnished to promote excitement and engagement with bright colours, low level bookcases, cubby hole to curl up with a book, a fun enclosed area, and plenty of space for story time. The KS2 Library recognises the age of the children with a more ‘grown up feel’ as children become used to a more formal library approach.

Reading Challenges

We promote reading at home through our Reading Challenges with children recording in their Reading Journals any reading they do at home.  Children then earn badges which they proudly wear on their school jumpers. The older children have reading challenge books that they are encouraged to take home and read.

Reading Resources

We have invested heavily in Reading resources which children and parents can easily access from home, such as Oxford Reading Buddy and Vision Books (these promote non-fiction and support research for the foundation subjects).

Reading Impact

As a result, we have a community of enthusiastic readers who enjoy showcasing their developing literacy knowledge and skills. Children have a good stamina for reading and love to discuss and share their ideas. Our attainment at the end of KS2 is above national for both Expected and Greater Depth for Reading, which despite low entry upon school is outstanding progress. 




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